ioBridge at Remote Monitoring and Control 2011 [video]

The ioBridge team is back from Nashville, TN where we had the privilege to be part of the Remote Monitoring & Control 2011. The Remote Expo featured the latest solutions for professional applications in the fields of remote monitoring, remote control, site management, M2M, and SCADA. Also, as we found out, there were many product companies looking to add remote monitoring and control capabilities to their products or looking to add cloud-services to their already connected devices. Working with manufactures and licensing our technology is a big part of our business, so the conference was a perfect fit for ioBridge. As one attendee stated after demonstrating ioBridge technology, “Our product plus ioBridge equals a revolutionary step forward for our business“.  It seems like the Internet of Things is on everyone’s radar these days.

While at Remote Expo, we were able to grab some bits of video so that you could see our booth setup and see one of our consumer product demonstrations. One of our exhibits was a web-enabled garage door opener, designed for one of our customers, that features real-time control, integrated video feedback, and mobile and web application control. Here’s a quick video from Remote Monitoring & Control 2011 with introduction and demonstration by our CEO, Dr. Robert Mawrey.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and thanks to the organizers for such a successful event! We enjoyed our visit to Nashville and look forward to working with the many people that we met at Remote 2011.

ioBridge Introduction Video by WidgetWerks

The good folks over at created an ioBridge introduction video. They use our ioBridge Io-204 to track humidity in the basement by setting up a dashboard, data logs, and alerts. They also discuss many other uses for ioBridge including garage door remote control from a smart phone and controlling a web cam position with servo motors — monitoring and controlling anything from the web. Thanks so much for posting this video! We appreciate it.

ioBridge Internet of Things OEM Solutions (video)

You might be wondering how to Internet enable a product. Or, you might be thinking about what the “Internet of Things” means for your business. Over the years we have worked with many startups, consumer products companies, government agencies, and developers. We have learned a lot about what it means to add the web to a product and really take advantage of web services connected to traditional products and business processes. Think about how energy monitoring has revolutionized the power industry and has created Smart Buildings. Our customers have found a competitive edge by adding our technology to their products and services. Not only is the result low cost, but the solution is typically new and disruptive. We offer everything from embedded to wireless and from web services to mobile apps. We can web-enable anything.

If you are considering adding remote control and monitoring to an existing product or creating a new web-based product and service, contact us now at Leverage our experience and take advantage of our first-of-its-kind, patent-pending Internet technology.

Here is a video introduction to the ioBridge platform and OEM Solutions that we offer:

Video transcript:

Let’s say you have created a product that you want to web-enable. In this video, we intend to give you a quick introduction of ioBridge and our OEM solutions.

To get started, visit

ioBridge is a platform to enable device interaction, remote control, and monitoring of devices via the Internet.

Once your product is connected, you can leverage the web to give your product a competitive edge. You can tap into web services such as email alerts, real-time monitoring, charts, reports, remote control, remote upgrades, user account management, and social networking.

The ioBridge platform is seamless. We can help you with any aspect of bringing your products to the Internet. We offer licensing of our patent-pending technology, custom web apps, custom mobile apps, product integration, website integration, and custom engineering services.

You may have questions on how to get started, so please contact us. We have worked with many customers and projects ranging from extremely large consumer product companies to helping startups companies create their prototypes.

If you want to learn more on how ioBridge can help you with the Internet of Things, contact us at

HomeWatch iPhone App includes ioBridge Controls

Developers at SunshineApps have included monitor and control support for the ioBridge IO-204 in their updated app, HomeWatch. This app is designed to interface with many types of home automation gear, power monitors, and webcams.  HomeWatch supports ioBridge IO-204 widgets for sensor monitoring and X10 controls; Y-Cam, Axis 207 and Foscam Camera viewing; and TED 5000 power monitoring.

HomeWatch is available in the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPad devices.

Here is a YouTube video of the HomeWatch App in action:

Beer Cannon Hits 1 Million Views, International TV

The “personalbeerrobot” YouTube channel now has over 1.1 million views for Ryan Rusnak’s mini fridge beer robot project. It was definitely amazing to see this project being discussed on every media outlet over the past 30 days and recently in The Register and The Sun in the UK. Just think that over a million people heard “controlled with the ioBridge IO-204”!

And to top of the viral success of the project video, Ryan was asked to feature his iPhone controlled mini fridge live on The Graham Norton Show on BBC One. Here is the clip featuring Matt LeBlanc catching a beer being fired from the refrigerator.

Discovery Channel Canada also featured the project on its Daily Planet TV show. Talk about an internet of things…