Twitter + ioBridge = Home Automation

Thanks to Oprah, Twitter is a household name. You can’t avoid it. But, Twitter uses are starting to flourish thanks to an API and dedicated developers. Matt Morey has developed a two-way, home automation application using Twitter to control lights and LCDs and monitor temperature and light sensors. His app interfaces Twitter with the ioBridge IO-204 by using the PHP Widget Control API.

Follow MattsOffice on Twitter

Follow MattsOffice on Twitter

Matt’s Twitter application allows him to make updates to his Twitter feed and send commands to his IO-204 to turn on lights, send messages to his serial LCD screen, and get temperatures and light sensor readings. He also has a nifty extension that allows you to see a view from his office by sending him a tweet, which takes a snap shot from a digital camera and posts it on TwitPic.

Go ahead, follow MattsOffice and send Matt a message to his LCD screen – “@MattsOffice lcd Awesome ioBridge Project”. For more details, check out, a brilliant article on ReadWriteWeb, or YouTube video demonstration of the home automation project in action.

Maker Faire Wrap Up

We wanted to say thanks to everyone that visited us at the Maker Faire. We had a 10×10 booth filled with web-based projects – Scrolling LED Twitter Sign, Internet Controlled Donkey Kong, Power Monitoring, Dog Treat Dispenser, X10 Outlet Control, Temperature Charting and Logging, and an Interactive Message Center for the Serial LCD Screens. Our booth consumed 4 kWh over 2 days and peak power usage was 290 Watts.

Maker Faire Projects

Maker Faire Projects

Lots of people helped out to make it happen – thanks to OharaRP and thecapacity for working the LED sign. Maker Faire had some really interesting projects – underwater robots from Jesuit Robotics, a Giant LED display, Tesla Coils, Art Meets Science, cool stuff in the Maker Shed, and lots of people.

Here are some photos from Flickr of our booth before we got swarmed:

Interactive Fish Cam 2.0

Since Jason’s Fishcam has hit the scene, there have been a few ioBridge-based aquarium monitor and control projects pop up. The fish cam has evolved into interactive displays, temperature monitoring, water level control, fish feeding, tank aeration, Twitter integration, killer gators, and burping frogs.  The interface for full control and monitoring of aquariums are using a web browser or iPhone. The systems use the IO-204 Ethernet module to control outputs, lights, X10, and servos and monitor inputs, temperature, and water levels.

Check out Pete’s and Kevin’s for some really awesome interactive aquarium projects with full on Web 2.0 services.

Here is a cool video from TankedCAM demonstrating all of the interactive features.

x10 Pro Control from Web

Stephen from the iPhone Dog Feeder fame, sent us a video of how to use the x10 controller with the ioBridge module to control lights. He has a lamp setup in his lab that he can control from his Cygnet blog and his ioBridge dashboard.

Here is the YouTube video of the x10 smart board in action: