Office Space Invaders — Remote Controlled Airsoft Gun

Every time we check in on Jay of thecapacity, he is mashing up more technologies to wreak havoc on his co-workers, friends, and/or wife. This time Jay has created a remote controlled Airsoft Gun that is sighted using an IP camera and controlled using the feedback from a Wiimote — all from his Internet web application. A harness supports the gun which allows the gun to aim using a servo. The trigger is also servo controlled and linked to the trigger of the Wiimote. The ioBridge allows Jay to be anywhere in the world to reign terror on unsuspecting victims. On thecapacity blog, you can find some cool YouTube videos of the making of the system and see him take down some space invaders.

Wiimote Mod with ioBridge

Jay from started posting on his blog about ioBridge the moment he heard about ioBridge. He send us email asking about an API, REST, JSON, jQuery, and all things web app. We had our API in the works, but his plurality of email lead us to believe to accelerate the API release, and we did just that. Little did we know that Jay was planning a remote controlled weapon of micro destruction. We have put the pieces together and enabled his mini-surge.

Enter, The ioGun – A Wiimote controlled magnetic coil gun that slings projectiles at college text books. It is a fascinating collection of technologies using the output of the Wiimote wrapped in JSON, feeding into a web app that ties into ioBridge’s JavaScript Widget Control API. He also used the coil from a golf ball putter returner, inks pens, a and black tape. His friends will never be the same when he invites them over for an evening of Wii Sports and you have to dodge, duck, dip, and dodge as you play tennis.

Here is the Wiimote controlled servo action on YouTube:

Check out the “Wiimote Controlled Coil Gun” on or on Hack a Day. Jay also introduced to his self-aware beating heart project.