Platform Updates and New Humidity Sensor

The ioBridge team has been working a new set of updates for the ioBridge web gateway modules and the platform. We have added new features to both the IO-204 and the IO-204-PRO modules. We received a lot of requests for a native humidity sensor and it’s ready to go.

Humidity Sensor from ioBridge

You can upgrade your modules over-the-web, by signing into the Interface and selecting your module, then by clicking Details and Upgrade.

Here’s an overview of the new features:

  • New Firmware – The new firmware adds support for a new variable space for 32-bit values and onboard set points. Other enhancements include wider support for network configurations such as ATM and Mobile Data Networks. We also added watch-dog timers in the event of module lockups.
  • Variable Value Widget – Now you can control the variable value on your module. This means you can send values from a web service down to your module and use that value in your on-board rules. For eaxample, you could make a thermostat based on WeatherBug’s reported temperature.
  • Widget Customizations – You can now change the hover label for chart widgets and the scaling on the analog gauge widgets. The Widget ID / Key is now prominently displayed on the widget editor. Chart widget times now display the users local time.
  • Set Points – You can now compare input values to Variable Value 2 and create set points that can be changed.
  • Additions to the Module Interface – You can now directly set the variable values from the interface. We have also added listeners for both sides of serial smart board traffic.
  • HTTP POST Actions – This new feature allows you can send a custom HTTP POST as a server-side action. The new feature supports Basic Auth and the ability to customize a POST to any external service.
  • Custom X10 Widget – Originally we supported X10 outlets through our web service. With this update, you can send custom X10 commands to support other X10 devices like thermostats.
  • Data Feed API v2 – Updated the Data Feed API for the IO-204 and IO-204-PRO includes SSL support and a RESTful interface.

We look forward to seeing what you create with the new features. If any issues or questions arise, check our Wiki or feel free to contact us.

New Features Added to the Interface

After a few weeks of testing, we are ready to release some new features and updates to the interface. Everything will be live the next time you sign into

Here is a list of the key updates and new features:

Drag-and-drop Dashboard

Your dashboard is now customizable. You can move around your widgets to create a dashboard for your specific application or requirements. There are three columns your widgets can be place, where the center column is wider to accommodate charts and larger widgets. To drag a widget, click and hold on the Widget Label Bar and move it where you want it placed. To edit the widget quickly, click on the gear icon.

Drag-and-Drop Dashboard

Drag-and-Drop Dashboard

Data Feed API v2

The Data Feed API has been completely updated. Our API is opening all of the time and we wanted to set the stage with a revamped Data Feed API with a RESTful interface. We added support for SSL and the ioBridge IO-204-PRO. We also added keys for the onboard variables that you can write to offline. Check out the Data Feed API v2 documentation for more information and the complete change list and sample projects.

Module Interface

We cleaned up the Module Interface by adding tabs and adding direct access to your Onboard Rules and Actions. From one interface you can setup the module, control outputs, and configure onboard rules and logic without using multiple sections of the interface.

Automated Setup

Prior to this update, you had to configure the channel settings and then create a widget. It’s easy to miss one of the steps. Now when you create an X10 Widget, for example, the interface automatically configures the channel for X10. This also works for Server-side Actions and Data Logging.

We hope that you put the new features to good use. Let us know how the new features and updates work out for you and keep us updated with anything new we should be doing. Stay tuned…we got more hardware and features that are coming soon…including an API for external plugins.

iPhone and iPod Touch Enhanced

We have just released some more iPhone and iPod Touch enhancements for ioBridge’s interface to your IO-204 Monitor and Control Modules. (I wanted to say ioPhone!) Give thanks to the community for making these requests.

  • Persistent Log In
    Even when you navigate away from Safari, you will stay signed in, so your ioBridge Dashboard will be easily accessible. Clear your cookies and sign in again to try out the new feature.
  • Add to Home Screen
    Add ioBridge to your home screen, so you can always have quick access to your dashboard. When you sign in, click “+” at the bottom of the iPhone/iPod Touch and touch, “Add to Home Screen”. Name it what you want and touch “Add”. We also created an iPhone friendly icon for your home screen.
  • Dashboard
    The ioBridge Dashboard is now quite larger and fills the screen when landscape oriented (without having to zoom in and out).

Let us know how this works out for everyone. We have tested and these enhancements make the dashboard very useful.