Raspberry Pi Smart Target #piday #raspberrypi

[Noel] posted a tutorial on Instructables on how to build a “Raspberry Pi Smart Target” using a Raspberry Pi and an ioBridge Serial LCD screen. This target tracks and plays sound effects when it gets hit by a flying monkey. It also updates the new Oracle Social Network and Twitter with status updates and photos from a Dropcam. Noel released this project at the Oracle Open World 2012 and it was a hit. Everyone was having fun flinging monkeys at their target.

[via Instructables]

ioBridge Serial LCD Giveaway at HackedGadgets.com

Want a free ioBridge Serial LCD?

ioBridge Serial LCD

ioBridge Serial LCD

All you have to do to get a free ioBridge Serial LCD is to “Name the Thing” over at Hacked Gadgets. The contest runs from March 13-19, 2010.

Alan Parekh has put together an amazing collection of projects on hackedgadgets.com and resources for electronics hobbyists, students, and tinkerers alike. We are subscribers to the RSS feed and always look forward to the posts.

Good luck!

Serial LCD and IO-204 Mash Up using JavaScript, PHP

Marc Fonteijn, form the Netherlands, mashed up the ioBridge IO-204 with the Spark Fun Serial LCD based on the HD44780 chip. His project includes some JavaScript to control the LCD display via a web page which uses his PHP-based proxy and control API for the IO-204.

ioBridge Controlling Spark Fun LCD

ioBridge IO-204 Controlling Spark Fun LCD

The JavaScript on Marc’s blog post includes control and animations examples for the LCD display. The display can be driven by an open I/O channel using the serial out functionality or from a two-way serial smart board.

Here is a demo of the screen in action:

We are not sure what he is up to, but I for-see an interactive website in his future. He already has LED’s blinking when users visit one of his sites. Check out Marc’s blog called MarcAThing – Physically Mashed Up for some cool photos and projects. Dank u zeer!


The PHP Widget Control API is now a part of the ioBridge Wiki and includes a few enhancements.