Interactive Toy Fighting – Domo vs. Munny

We found out what happens when you place two lovable toys against each other. They attack!

Hack Pittsburgh member Andy Leer created an interactive toy fight featuring Domo and Munny squaring off. You get to control one of the characters and watch the battle via a webcam live. Move over “Internet of Things”  – make way for the “Internet of Vengeful Toys”.

Munny vs. Domo

Munny vs. Domo

The Munny and Domokun are attached to servos. The servos are connected to the ioBridge servo controller and IO-204. You control the toys with  servo slider widgets. Andy’s blog mentions that the next version will have iPhone support.  Visit his blog to play and sweep the leg at the Domo Dojo.

Maker Faire Wrap Up

We wanted to say thanks to everyone that visited us at the Maker Faire. We had a 10×10 booth filled with web-based projects – Scrolling LED Twitter Sign, Internet Controlled Donkey Kong, Power Monitoring, Dog Treat Dispenser, X10 Outlet Control, Temperature Charting and Logging, and an Interactive Message Center for the Serial LCD Screens. Our booth consumed 4 kWh over 2 days and peak power usage was 290 Watts.

Maker Faire Projects

Maker Faire Projects

Lots of people helped out to make it happen – thanks to OharaRP and thecapacity for working the LED sign. Maker Faire had some really interesting projects – underwater robots from Jesuit Robotics, a Giant LED display, Tesla Coils, Art Meets Science, cool stuff in the Maker Shed, and lots of people.

Here are some photos from Flickr of our booth before we got swarmed:

Beer Pouring Robot – Serv O’Beer

Steve from built a “robot ” with Construx, a servo, and an ioBridge module that allows you to pour a beer with the turn of your iPhone.

Here is a video introduction of the Serv O’Beer robot:

Steve also posted the step-by-step instructions on Steve used the iTurn functionality, the servo board, and the IO-204 module to allow the Internet-connected iPhone pour his beer.

Serv O’Beer with iPhone for the Perfect PourMore DIY How To Projects

Serv O’Beer is a clever project and it uses Construx which is every one’s favorite. Steve is a true polymath.