MAKE Volume 22: Remote Control Everything!

Volume 22 of O’Reilly Media’s MAKE Magazine is loaded with remote control projects. Everything from The Kitty Twitty by Marc de Vinck to a radio controlled lawnmower called “Lawnbot400” .

MAKE Volume 22 Remote Control / Wireless

MAKE Volume 22 Remote Control / Wireless

Gareth Branwyn asked “innovators and enthusiast” from the industry what’s on their radars for his article. Since the issue was all about remote control, Gareth pinged our very own Jason Winters for his thoughts on how remote control has changed and where it’s going.

“Today, by using the internet to send control signals, range is no longer limited by transmission power. Any location with a net connection can be a potential command point.”

MAKE also included some favorite ioBridge applications and projects:

We were thrilled to have a mention in MAKE Magazine. It’s a favorite of ours and it always has some great projects. Check out and make sure to get a copy of the latest volume.

RFID Enabled Phone Dialing, Alternative Telephone Control

Stephen Myers, the original ioBridge hacker, has created a really interesting project. As part of his research and projects at University of Florida, Stephen thinks of ways to enable technology for the elderly and stroke patients that have trouble with tremors which results in the difficulty of dialing a simple telephone. He developed an RFID enabled system that allows a user to swipe an RFID badge with a person’s picture. The system decodes the information on the RFID and relays the data through the ioBridge IO-204 to a web application that links the phone to GrandCentral (Google Voice). This process setups the call causing the phone to ring, on pickup the telephone connects to the other party. In Stephen’s demonstration he uses his iPhone, but it’s not limited to mobile devices. Ingenious! Good luck pushing this idea further in your research.

For more infomation visit Hack-a-Day or Stephen’s Cygnet Engineering blog.


RFID Reciever, Arduino, and ioBridge

RFID Receiver, Arduino, and ioBridge