The Internet of Things Thing by Martijn Pannevis

Mobile Monday Amsterdam was held March 29th De Duif, Amsterdam. This talk was centered around The Internet of Things and brought together creative minds, projects, and presentations.


Martijn Pannevis (@PanMan) created the MomoMeter which is a physical meter that takes the pulse of Twitter for certain trending topics and hashtags. The thing gives you visual feedback on your pervasiveness on the real-time web. Martijn’s project uses an ioBridge IO-204, servo controller, and servo. He built a web app that queries the Twitter API and sends relative servo positions to the ioBridge Web API which moves the meter needle accordingly. Martijn Pannevis explains how to build your own internet of things thing with his presentation. (Photos by Filip Bunkens)


MoMo – Mobile Monday Amsterdam Project

What does Twitter, ioBridge, and a servo have in common? They are part of a MoMo Project by the Mobile Monday Amsterdam team from The Netherlands. Across the world you will find a giant Twitter Meter that reacts and changes position when people tweet certain keywords on Twitter — let’s call it a Twitter-o-Meter or a MoMoMeter.

MoMo Project - Twitter Meter Mobile Monday ioBridge Project - Twitter Meter

We got to tune in using and watch the project as it happened. They were at a Protospace – a FabLab that looked absolutely amazing – a world class facility with 3D printers and laser cutters and micro-controllers to rapidly prototype new ideas.

Thanks for finding us on Twitter and sharing the project. Your web app is awesome. Good luck with Mobile Monday.

Read more about the project and see some neat 3D creations on PanMan’s blog and on Protospace’s website.