ThingSpeak Plus Third-party Hardware – an Alternative to ioBridge Hardware

In 2008, when ioBridge launched the IO-204 web gateway for the Internet of Things, there were very few hardware devices available to easily and cost-effectively build connected products. The Internet of Things has taken off with a wide array of companies now offering hardware devices to prototype and develop Internet of Things products and solutions.

In 2010, ioBridge launched, an open data platform for the Internet of Things. From the beginning, ThingSpeak was designed to be hardware agnostic and is now used by thousands of people to aggregate data from sensors and to control things using the ThingSpeak App, TalkBack. With ThingSpeak there are many hardware choices and the ThingSpeak tutorials provide examples of hardware platforms that talk to ThingSpeak including the Arduino, Spark Core, and mbed to name a few.

ThingSpeak IoT Platform

ioBridge has sold hardware on our store over the past six years as a means to demonstrate and enable our software. Now that so many hardware alternatives are available that work well with our ThingSpeak service, we have decided to stop selling hardware on our web store to refocus our effort on making it even easier to use third-party hardware with ThingSpeak. Stay tuned for more information.

ioBridge customers who have purchased ioBridge gateways can continue to use the dashboard service, but we recommend that new customers consider using ThingSpeak with a third-party hardware platform of your choice.