Pittsburgh Maker Faire 2012

Along with other awesome sponsors such as Wayne and Layne and pair Networks, ioBridge is sponsoring this year’s Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire! Our first Maker Faire was 4 years ago and so much has happened since then. People are making things, making things talk, making things move, and making connected things! We are excited to be a part of this year’s event and look forward to unveiling some new cloud-connected projects.

Pittsburgh Maker Faire

The Pittsburgh Maker Faire is presented by our friends at HackPittsburgh and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and starts at 10am on Saturday, September 22 at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. We will be sharing photos and updates in real-time on Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to seeing you there!

MAKE Volume 22: Remote Control Everything!

Volume 22 of O’Reilly Media’s MAKE Magazine is loaded with remote control projects. Everything from The Kitty Twitty by Marc de Vinck to a radio controlled lawnmower called “Lawnbot400” .

MAKE Volume 22 Remote Control / Wireless

MAKE Volume 22 Remote Control / Wireless

Gareth Branwyn asked “innovators and enthusiast” from the industry what’s on their radars for his article. Since the issue was all about remote control, Gareth pinged our very own Jason Winters for his thoughts on how remote control has changed and where it’s going.

“Today, by using the internet to send control signals, range is no longer limited by transmission power. Any location with a net connection can be a potential command point.”

MAKE also included some favorite ioBridge applications and projects:

We were thrilled to have a mention in MAKE Magazine. It’s a favorite of ours and it always has some great projects. Check out makezine.com and make sure to get a copy of the latest volume.

Maker Faire Wrap Up

Over 2000 people came to the first annual Maker Faire North Carolina in Durham, NC. There were makers from all over. It was a blast!

We had on display web-enabled robots, toys, and interactive projects created by the ioBridge community. Some of those projects included, an iPhone and Twitter controlled Donkey Kong, X10 controlled lamp, streaming temperature sensor, and a remote controlled dog treat dispenser.

While we were there, we captured some footage of our projects on display and exhibits that we were able to see. There were so many great projects and so little time. We made a quick YouTube video and posted pictures to the ioBridge Flickr group.

Thanks to all of the volunteers, exhibitors, and sponsors who made the Maker Faire NC such a success.

Looking forward to 2011!

Make: PGH – Inaugural Meeting

Join the Steel City Makers for the first meeting of Make:PGH at the HackPittsburgh hack space. The meeting is free and open to the public which features a MakerBot 3D printer, mystery activities, and an ioBridge-based, iPhone controlled fighting Domo toy.

Andy Leer will share with us his experiences using the ioBridge to create fun interactive web enabled dioramas. Find out how with a few minutes and some simple hardware you too can put almost anything on the web.”

Check it out…

Make: PGH: Meeting 1
Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 7pm – 9pm

Hack Pittsburgh
1936 5th Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Interactive Toy Fighting – Domo vs. Munny

We found out what happens when you place two lovable toys against each other. They attack!

Hack Pittsburgh member Andy Leer created an interactive toy fight featuring Domo and Munny squaring off. You get to control one of the characters and watch the battle via a webcam live. Move over “Internet of Things”  – make way for the “Internet of Vengeful Toys”.

Munny vs. Domo

Munny vs. Domo

The Munny and Domokun are attached to servos. The servos are connected to the ioBridge servo controller and IO-204. You control the toys with  servo slider widgets. Andy’s blog mentions that the next version will have iPhone support.  Visit his blog to play and sweep the leg at the Domo Dojo.