Beer Cannon Hits 1 Million Views, International TV

The “personalbeerrobot” YouTube channel now has over 1.1 million views for Ryan Rusnak’s mini fridge beer robot project. It was definitely amazing to see this project being discussed on every media outlet over the past 30 days and recently in The Register and The Sun in the UK. Just think that over a million people heard “controlled with the ioBridge IO-204”!

And to top of the viral success of the project video, Ryan was asked to feature his iPhone controlled mini fridge live on The Graham Norton Show on BBC One. Here is the clip featuring Matt LeBlanc catching a beer being fired from the refrigerator.

Discovery Channel Canada also featured the project on its Daily Planet TV show. Talk about an internet of things…


SERVO Magazine – ioBridge Product Announcement

If you happen to be flipping through the April 2009 issue of SERVO Magazine, you might just notice an article about ioBridge and the IO-204 being released. SERVO is one of our favorite robot/hobby/hacking magazines and we were thrilled to see the write up. Thanks so much! SERVO is also sponsoring the Bay Area Maker Faire 2009. We will see you there…

SERVO Magazine April 2009 issue with ioBridge

SERVO Magazine April 2009 Issue with ioBridge