Happy Holidays from ioBridge

Santa vs. Domo

Santa vs. Domo

We wanted to take a moment and thank all of our customers, users, developers, and everyone that makes up the ioBridge Community. Our wish to you and yours is that you have a safe and happy holiday season. Enjoy your downtime, friends, and family.  See you in the New Year!

Enjoy some projects…

  • Xmas-Box.com — Interactive Christmas lights sync to music, songs are selected on web site, and if you are local you can listen to the music on your radio as you watch
  • Pacific Lights – Control Christmas lights in New Zealand
  • Serv O’Beer – Have your iPhone pour a beverage for your New Year’s party
  • Santa vs. Domo – Play with some interactive toys on Andy Leer’s blog and let Santa have it
  • iPhone Controlled Lights – Control your Christmas lights with a touch of your iPhone using the open ioBridge PHP Proxy


Serv O’Beer – ioBridge Project in Popular Science

Who knew when Steve aka “polymythic” posted his ioBridge project using iTurn to pour a real beer that it would get over 100k hits on YouTube and make it into print. Well, if you check out the April 2009 issue of Popular Science you will find Steve’s Serv O’Beer is the “Build of the Month” in the How 2.0 section of the magazine. There’s a photo of the latest version of the system with a sturdier frame made of Contrux and an ioBridge IO-204 to link the iPhone to a web application to drive a servo. You can read all about on Popular Science and learn how to build your own Servo O’Beer at Instructables.

Beer Pouring Robot – Serv O’Beer

Steve from polymythic.com built a “robot ” with Construx, a servo, and an ioBridge module that allows you to pour a beer with the turn of your iPhone.

Here is a video introduction of the Serv O’Beer robot:

Steve also posted the step-by-step instructions on Instructables.com. Steve used the iTurn functionality, the servo board, and the IO-204 module to allow the Internet-connected iPhone pour his beer.

Serv O’Beer with iPhone for the Perfect PourMore DIY How To Projects

Serv O’Beer is a clever project and it uses Construx which is every one’s favorite. Steve is a true polymath.