iPhone and iPod Touch Enhanced

We have just released some more iPhone and iPod Touch enhancements for ioBridge’s interface to your IO-204 Monitor and Control Modules. (I wanted to say ioPhone!) Give thanks to the community for making these requests.

  • Persistent Log In
    Even when you navigate away from Safari, you will stay signed in, so your ioBridge Dashboard will be easily accessible. Clear your cookies and sign in again to try out the new feature.
  • Add to Home Screen
    Add ioBridge to your home screen, so you can always have quick access to your dashboard. When you sign in, click “+” at the bottom of the iPhone/iPod Touch and touch, “Add to Home Screen”. Name it what you want and touch “Add”. We also created an iPhone friendly icon for your home screen.
  • Dashboard
    The ioBridge Dashboard is now quite larger and fills the screen when landscape oriented (without having to zoom in and out).

Let us know how this works out for everyone. We have tested and these enhancements make the dashboard very useful.