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Richard MacManus of ReadWriteWeb wrote an article about ioBridge and Matt Morey’s home automation project via Twitter. Matt created a system that allows him to not only get messages from his office, but to control lights and devices using Twitter. He now has a real-time, two-control system for automating some processes at his office using the ioBridge IO-204 monitor and control module.

“ioBridge enables sending data to – or controlling objects from – social networks, email, text messaging.”

Read the complete article at, read our original ioBridge Projects post, and interact with Matt’s Office on Twitter.

Twitter + ioBridge = Home Automation

Thanks to Oprah, Twitter is a household name. You can’t avoid it. But, Twitter uses are starting to flourish thanks to an API and dedicated developers. Matt Morey has developed a two-way, home automation application using Twitter to control lights and LCDs and monitor temperature and light sensors. His app interfaces Twitter with the ioBridge IO-204 by using the PHP Widget Control API.

Follow MattsOffice on Twitter

Follow MattsOffice on Twitter

Matt’s Twitter application allows him to make updates to his Twitter feed and send commands to his IO-204 to turn on lights, send messages to his serial LCD screen, and get temperatures and light sensor readings. He also has a nifty extension that allows you to see a view from his office by sending him a tweet, which takes a snap shot from a digital camera and posts it on TwitPic.

Go ahead, follow MattsOffice and send Matt a message to his LCD screen – “@MattsOffice lcd Awesome ioBridge Project”. For more details, check out, a brilliant article on ReadWriteWeb, or YouTube video demonstration of the home automation project in action.

Make Your Computer Aware of You

Jay from thecapacity sent us project details about making his computer aware of him sitting in front of the computer or not by using a temperature sensor and an ioBridge module. He wanted the computer to turn off the screen saver and adjust the volume of his music depending on his presence. Jay sent us a few questions along the way and this caused us to accelerate the release of the Data Feed API. His proof of concept is a beating heart that speeds up when the temperature increases.

Bridge to my heart… from thecapacity on Vimeo.

Jay took our technology in a new and interesting direction. He successfully bridged his computer to his workspace with ioBridge and his clever desktop and web applications.

For more project details, check out Jay’s posts on his “thecapacity” blog.

x10 Pro Control from Web

Stephen from the iPhone Dog Feeder fame, sent us a video of how to use the x10 controller with the ioBridge module to control lights. He has a lamp setup in his lab that he can control from his Cygnet blog and his ioBridge dashboard.

Here is the YouTube video of the x10 smart board in action:

ioBridge on Hack a Day (

The whole development team here at ioBridge are daily viewers of the Hack a Day website. Seeing the first beta user project make the cut made our day.

ioBridge on Hack a Day (

ioBridge on Hack a Day (