Microchip Names ioBridge Its First Embedded Cloud Design Partner Specialist to Develop Internet of Things Solutions

We are very proud to announce a design partnership with Microchip, a leading provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions.

Microchip Embedded Cloud Design Partner

ioBridge, Inc. announced today that Microchip Technology Inc. selected ioBridge to be its first “Embedded Cloud” design partner. Embedded cloud technology allows products based on Microchip’s embedded control solutions to be Internet-connected via ioBridge firmware and protocols, to leverage ioBridge Internet services such as remote firmware upgrades, alerting, remote monitoring, and remote control via mobile apps.

“This design partnership with Microchip brings Internet of Things solutions to low-powered processors and embedded systems at a low-cost,” said Dr. Robert Mawrey, CEO of ioBridge. “Customers and developers looking to get to market quickly will benefit from having a seamless integration between embedded technology and cloud services.”

Since 2008, ioBridge has been selling patented Web gateways that incorporate Microchip’s devices and are used by thousands of customers to connect almost anything to the Internet. Applications are diverse, ranging from smart energy management to agricultural automation and monitoring. In recent years, ioBridge has successfully Internet enabled consumer products using Microchip’s embedded Wi-Fi® technology.

“We are thrilled to name ioBridge as Microchip’s very first Embedded Cloud Design Partner Specialist,” said Cheri Keller, senior manager of Microchip’s Design Partner Program. “The biggest challenge our clients face in cloud-enabling their products is bridging the gap between embedded design and IT professionals. ioBridge’s expertise in building Microchip-based Web gateways enables our clients to eliminate this hurdle and speed their time to market.”

To get started with your product design, contact ioBridge and we will get you to market quickly.

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  1. Would like really simple hardware for internet or WIFI like sensing and control from my house to my shop and greenhouse, a simple programmable controller like structure controllable by like javascript or php or some such. It could be as simple as a serial com to a plc or pic io board. The secret would seem to be hiding the RF interface so that most of the junk like freq, baud, TCPIP address, in/out, can be done by jumper configs. with the default being a ready to go controller. PS-reinventing the wheel blows. If Brothers Corp. can fully run their printers by remote wifi then quoting the movie “The Edge” or “Swingtime”====, “What one man can do, another can do.”==== The arduino or MSP430 solution is…