“The Future of Twitter Is Robots Tweeting at Each Other”

Christopher Mims says,

Twitter is full of weird stuff none of us ever notice because it mostly just looks like spam or nonsense. But if you look closely, as some have, you’ll find spies using Twitter to communicate with each other in code, environmental sensors broadcasting useful data, a toaster with 2,000 followers and an artificially intelligent chat-bot that debates deniers of climate change.

This is happening… We recommend that you also check out what is going on at MyRobots created by the robotic experts at RobotShop. MyRobots is a platform for robots powered by ThingSpeak, an open source platform for the Internet of Things created with ioBridge technology. To spur on robotic innovation, MyRobots is holding a cloud robotics hackathon April 6-14th, 2013.

[via Mashable / Quartz]