Monitoring Utility and Generator Power Sources

Guy from Living Sustainably created a project to monitor his utility and generator power sources. This project came to life after Guy lost power for a couple of days during a wind storm. The emergency power generator kicked on after the power outage, but it failed to transfer power to his property. Guy created a monitoring and alerting system with ioBridge, so he would be sure about the quality of power and that the generator would be ready to go on a future outage. Taking advantage of our cloud services, Guy setup a private dashboard of power info and setup real-time alerts for state changes on the generator. Now, when the generator does self-tests, Guy receives up-to-the minute alerts and knows that the generator is ready for power outages.

Generator emails from ioBridge

[via Living Sustainably]


  1. Guy says:

    FYI, the interface I constructed to monitor AC power from my utility source and generator source was nothing more than an old (5VDC) cell phone charger that I connected to the ground and digital input pins of an iobridge input via a 1K current limiting resistor. Couldn’t be simpler! Guy