X10 Home Automation with ioBridge Remote Control Apps

A very popular add-on for the ioBridge IO-204 Web Gateway is the X10 Smart Board. This board translates web requests into X10 commands so you are able to remotely control X10 outlets, lights, and thermostats. Mark’s Voice Activated Home Automation System used a combination of Apple’s Siri, X10, and ioBridge APIs.

Recently, the X10 interface modules manufactured by X10 were discontinued. We were able to get the last 25 that were in stock directly from X10. Then, we manufactured another 25 X10 Smart Boards to pair with the X10 interface modules. We are selling the X10 kits on the ioBridge Store and when we run out, we will not be able to manufacture more. We are looking at alternatives and also looking at supporting other home automation protocols such as INSTEON and many others. For more information on X10 Home Automation with ioBridge, check out the ioBridge + X10 App Note.

ioBridge’s ioApp for Android and iPhone supports X10 Controls and will support future protocols. Leave a comment if you have any ideas on what to support next.

[via ioBridge Store]


  1. Guy Marsden says:

    Too bad the X10 interface modules are now obsolete. X-10 has been around a LONG time and it’s a shame to see the demise of this interface. I hope you can come up with an Insteon interface in the near future.

  2. jesus says:

    i want buy one IO-204 Web Gateway X10 Interface Kit but i am confused , i have many switch and modules x10 in my home , with this kit i control only one module or i can control all switch and modules , because when i see the example video , only see one controller module ,.. but i have 11 wall switch and 3 module lamp in my home

  3. hans says:


    You are able to control all of your outlet and lamp modules. The controller you see will talk to any house / unit code. On the app side you select the house / unit code, and this adds a button to control it.

    Let us know if you have any more questions.