Open Internet of Things Assembly 2012

As most of us are already aware, the Internet of Things is growing quickly. Companies are flocking to this space on the level of social, smart grid, and location-based services. Key decisions are being made right now as more and more people become aware of this trend. The IoT community is vibrant and pushing forward.

YOU have a chance now to help make the decisions involving Accessibility, Timeliness, Privacy, Control, and Licensing by being involved in the Internet of Things Bill of Rights spearheaded by the Open Internet of Things Assembly. Internet of Things is important and has an impact over privacy and many parts of our lives. Unlike social networking, we have a chance to get privacy and openness right before a few companies make the decisions for you.

Open Internet of Things Assembly

Open Internet of Things Assembly is assembling for the first meeting June 16-17, 2012 in London. The Bill of Rights 2.0 document will be finalized at the assembly. It will be a great event and features an amazing lineup of speakers, panels, and keynotes including Adam Greenfield – Urbanscale, Rob van Kranenburg – The Council, Laura James – Makespace Cambridge, Russell Davies – HistoryTag, Usman Haque – Cosm, and Gavin Starks – AMEE.

ioBridge is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the inaugural Open Internet of Things Assembly. We believe initiatives like this will help shape the future of the space we know and love. This is going to be a great event and also shows how amazing the Internet of Things community is. It’s awesome to see events and initiatives like this emerging and seeing people contributing and taking control.

Follow the Open Internet of Things Assembly on Twitter and contribute on their website.