Small Steps Lead to Big (Connected) Things

In the March/April issue of Connect World Magazine, you will find an article about a few of the small steps taken by ioBridge. We have connected toasters, thermostats, fish tanks, pet feeders, buildings, pools, garage doors, and many other things to the Internet and get to see our users, developers, and partners do amazing things. We are pushing towards a connected future, but how do we get there?

“If consumers try something connected, they will try another,” said Hans Scharler, co-founder of ioBridge. “For example, if you could open your garage door from a mobile phone, then controlling a light is right around the corner. But, the same consumer will not make a major overhaul of his or her house all at once. A connected world could potentially be much more than home automation, but it will take a series of little wins to get there.”

We believe that it will take a lot of small steps and small ideas to help push along the Internet of Things. Already a lot has happened since Jason Winters and I founded ioBridge, Inc. in 2008. We operated the very first server from Jason’s house and quickly grew to customers in over 40 countries with many servers in the US and Europe. We had big ideas for lots of markets and knew early on that we needed to partner with companies to bring out next-generation products and services. We were fortunate that our early customers wanted to invest in us by sharing great ideas and working together on new things. Our goal remains to make connected devices easy, fun, and practical for tinkerers and manufacturers alike.

First ioBridge Prototype

This little guy, called the IO-100, was our first connected gizmo that could monitor and control anything that you hooked up to it over the Internet. Does that sound familiar?

First Assembly of ioBridge Module - IO-100

We look forward to the new things to come and seeing what people dream up next as the Internet of Things emerges.

[via Connect World Magazine]