Water Pressure and Quality Monitoring with ioBridge

Elad Salomons of OptiWater noticed that his house water pressure was 9 bars. Ever since he made that discovery, Elad dug deeper to discover some answers. In his research, Elad discovered the ioBridge IO-204 Monitor and Control Module and connected sensors to the web for more analysis. He used ioBridge and ThingSpeak charting services for the visualization of data.

Water Pressure Gauge Showing 9 bars

Water Pressure Gauge Showing 9 bars

ioBridge Connected to Sensors

ioBridge IO-204 Module Connected to Sensors

Elad says this is his first step into the Internet of Things and learned a lot before he goes full-scale. “This operation, of connection stuff to the web is called Internet Of Things (IOT). The thing can be any device, even a toaster like this guy did connecting his toaster to Twitter (also done with an IO-204 module).”

Elad also wanted to share the discovery process and hold a contest. Elad’s contest is open to anyone that can correlate the data presented on his Water Simulation blog. You have until June 30, 2011 to figure it out. Visit Elad’s blog for more information or look him up on Twitter.

[via Water Simulation]