Real-time Resource Monitoring at Wired Wessex Event

Aleka Design, Ltd. is an ioBridge design partner based in the UK. Aleka specializes in mixed signal electronic designs for test & measurement systems, instrumentation systems, and resource monitoring systems.

Aleka will showcase some of their new products and services based on the ioBridge Platform at the “Innovation for a Smarter Planet” event by Wired Wessex located at the INTECH Science Centre and Planetarium. Aleka will demonstrate real-time power and resource monitoring technology, as well as, a home lighting control system accessible from a mobile phone.

The event is hosted by Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM Futurist, and features discussions on home automation, monitoring power consumption and water usage, remote control of electrical appliances “to make the planet smarter.”

Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor

Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor

Wired Wessex
Innovation for a Smarter Planet with Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM Futurist

Date: Thursday 30th of September, 2010
Time: 18:00 – 20:00

INTECH Centre, Telegraph Way, Morn Hill, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1HZ


  1. krzys says:


    Could you please record today’s seminar by Andy Stanford-Clark?
    Winchester in Hampshire is too far for many of IO bridge users to attend.


  2. Clive says:

    I am afraid we were not able to record the seminar. The youtube link below shows a short video covering the main topics of Andy’s presentation.

    Some photographs can be found on the Aleka Design website.