ioBridge – 5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2010

Every year CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) publishes a forecast of the 5 Technology Trends to Watch. The 34-page report for 2010 includes insight into what trends will play a part in the technological landscape for consumers. 2010 trends include The Evolution of Digital Content, The Home Ecosystem, The Future of TV, Connected Cars, and The Smart Grid.

CEA writes about ioBridge technology in relationship to the home ecosystem. 2010 will be the start of the home becoming “smart”, where things start to speak and home automation, monitoring, and control collides with the web, mobile devices, and social networks. The ioBridge platform allows for a secure link between your house and the web – allowing sensors and controls to become a web service. 2010 will bring the integration of our technology into household devices, industrial controls, and enterprise resource management systems.

Those that “Do-It-Yourself ” can get started now and build cloud-based data logging apps, social network controls, and website applications with the ioBridge IO-204 and the web services. Developers and integrators are already experimenting with and creating next generation products centered around the core technology behind ioBridge. CEA predicts that consumer products of this sort will be ubiquitous in 2010.

To read the entire report, visit producers of CES.

Consumer Electronics Assoication 5 Technology Trends


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