Interactive Toy Fighting – Domo vs. Munny

We found out what happens when you place two lovable toys against each other. They attack!

Hack Pittsburgh member Andy Leer created an interactive toy fight featuring Domo and Munny squaring off. You get to control one of the characters and watch the battle via a webcam live. Move over “Internet of Things”  – make way for the “Internet of Vengeful Toys”.

Munny vs. Domo

Munny vs. Domo

The Munny and Domokun are attached to servos. The servos are connected to the ioBridge servo controller and IO-204. You control the toys with  servo slider widgets. Andy’s blog mentions that the next version will have iPhone support.  Visit his blog to play and sweep the leg at the Domo Dojo.


  1. Marty says:

    Nice writeup! Congrats to Andy on getting such a slick project together. I think the backdrop really adds a lot to it. 🙂