Go Offline with ioBridge

ioBridge Control with or without the CloudioBridge offers a web-based platform for interfacing the physical world. You can connect sensors, switches, and controls to the IO-204 module and send email, update your Facebook status, or let your friends know what your power usage is on your blog without touching a single line of code. If you can click, you can create.

The IO-204 connects to your network and establishes a link to the ioBridge web services  in the “cloud”. From there you can control, monitor, and share by using a point-and-click design interface or through open APIs.

We have released a new firmware called C4.0 which allows you to go beyond the cloud. C4.0 is an explosion of new features. You can create projects and products that work with the network cable unplugged. Using the ioBridge.com interface, you design rules and synchronize those rules to the module. Now, with or without the Internet connection, the module can make on-board decisions, turn fans on, control your lights, and sound buzzers.

The C4.0 firmware also includes high-frequency pulse counting. You may be asking yourself, “Why does pulse counting matter?” Well, pulse counting allows you to track inputs that are going on/off, around, or up and down. You can count the revolutions of your power meter. If you know how many times it spins around, you know how much power you have used. You can count the revolutions of a windmill to calculate wind speed. This feature keeps counting even if your network connection is not available.

Here’s more great news…If you already have the IO-204, you can upgrade your module to the new firmware by clicking upgrade on the module section of the ioBridge.com interface. All new orders ship loaded with C4.0 so you get all of the new features right out of the gate.

Details regarding the new firmware are available in the ioBridge Wiki. We are excited to see what you come up with!