Serial LCD and IO-204 Mash Up using JavaScript, PHP

Marc Fonteijn, form the Netherlands, mashed up the ioBridge IO-204 with the Spark Fun Serial LCD based on the HD44780 chip. His project includes some JavaScript to control the LCD display via a web page which uses his PHP-based proxy and control API for the IO-204.

ioBridge Controlling Spark Fun LCD

ioBridge IO-204 Controlling Spark Fun LCD

The JavaScript on Marc’s blog post includes control and animations examples for the LCD display. The display can be driven by an open I/O channel using the serial out functionality or from a two-way serial smart board.

Here is a demo of the screen in action:

We are not sure what he is up to, but I for-see an interactive website in his future. He already has LED’s blinking when users visit one of his sites. Check out Marc’s blog called MarcAThing – Physically Mashed Up for some cool photos and projects. Dank u zeer!


The PHP Widget Control API is now a part of the ioBridge Wiki and includes a few enhancements.