Wireless LED Sign – XBee + ioBridge

OharaRP created a wireless LED scrolling sign that displays messages received from the Internet. The sign uses an array of 8×8 LED modules connected together – expandable to 16 segments. The LED’s are controlled by a MAX7219 controller board that can receive messages from an Xbee wireless module and is power by 5VDC (using a standard mini-USB plug). The sign has a wireless base station that forwards text and commands towards the sign relayed from Twitter or an ioBridge widget embedded on a website.

In this photo OharaRP sent IOBridge to the sign from his iPhone.

XBee Wireless LED Sign

XBee Wireless LED Sign

If you would like to learn more about this project check OharaRP’s blog or watch his very instructional demonstration of his Wireless LED Sign Project on YouTube.

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