Serv O’Beer – ioBridge Project in Popular Science

Who knew when Steve aka “polymythic” posted his ioBridge project using iTurn to pour a real beer that it would get over 100k hits on YouTube and make it into print. Well, if you check out the April 2009 issue of Popular Science you will find Steve’s Serv O’Beer is the “Build of the Month” in the How 2.0 section of the magazine. There’s a photo of the latest version of the system with a sturdier frame made of Contrux and an ioBridge IO-204 to link the iPhone to a web application to drive a servo. You can read all about on Popular Science and learn how to build your own Servo O’Beer at Instructables.


  1. Ericyeoh says:

    Hai, buddy i’m a EE student and i had to do a final year project at this year end.
    i’m trying to do a home system which is using sms interface between iphone and my project which are using PIC mirocontroller.
    if my iphone receive a sms, read it automatically ,if it is a comman for PIC microcontroller it will automatically send to the circuit and allow the PIC to control my home system.
    which mean that my iphone is always connect to the circuit and once the sms is not the comment it will directly go to test in iphone.
    So, i hope you can give me some idea to figure this, how can i interface with my iphone and PIC 1st and whats the connection and the item i need to do. and also how to write the main program that the iphone can send to the circuit which the PIC can read the file.
    i hope that you can help me on this pls