Arduino + ioBridge = Automated Airsoft Range

Polymythic released another amazing project using his favorite microcontroller (the Arduino) and the ioBridge IO-204 driving the interface. The context for Steve’s latest project is “How do I get the Arduino and ioBridge to work together?” and “My friend wants to shot Airsoft targets in his house”.  When you combine those two thoughts you end up with an automated, in-house Airsoft target range. He loads up a target program using a web page (via his iPod Touch) which sends command via the IO-204 to the Arduino which in turn controls servos that have target faces on them. By the looks of the Wolfenstein perspective in the video, the system looks fun to play with. 

The interaction between the Arduino and the ioBridge IO-204 is done by using the PWM output of the ioBridge servo module to a PWM input on the Arduino. The interface is a web page of widgets that when clicked, sends a specific PWM output value. When you click a button, “800”, the ioBridge servo board sends “800” to the Arduino and the Arduino executes a function in a look up table. The Arduino also triggers an output pin that is sent back to the ioBridge module to tell the ioBridge module it’s ready for another command. Very clever.

Check out the “Arduino/ioBridge Airsoft Target Range” blog post on Steve’s Polymythic Blog for a full write up on the project, Arduino source code, and a full-length instructional video — the whole shooting match. You can also find a few posts on his blog about weaving and bow making and the original Serv O’Beer project.


  1. Airsoft is the name of our game. me and my 3 brothers always play airsoft in closed quarter battles.***

  2. Robert says:

    I love Airsoft – I think that I am going to make my own target range

  3. Caleb says:

    airsoft is so damn addicting

  4. SubV says:

    Bang Bang

  5. This looks awesome! Perfect for target practice. One cons in my opinion – airsoft is for outdoors, target practicing inside the house may not be that effective if you prepare yourself for “the real deal”